Sleep Apnea

Recently, I was diagnoised with sleep apnea at the Mayo Clinic. They found out that my blood oxygen level dropped from an oximetery test in July. Since I am a very busy person, I couldn’t make it back down there to the sleep clinic until the end of August. The diagnoise was obstructive sleep apnea. Wearing a full face mask is not easy. I do sleep better and don’t stop breathing.

Did you know that they measure the circumfence of one’s neck and look at your tongue to see its structure? I learned that if you are sleeping on your back, it can block your breathing. Side sleeping is the best. Sleep apnea can run in a person’s family, and if left untreated you can have a stroke, get high blood pressure/hypertension, get heart disease and all those other health ailments.

Oh, I had a brother die of sleep apnea last year at age 46. I have relatives with borderline sleep apnea.

Five years ago a specialist referred me to the sleep apnea clinic in Duluth. The doctor didn’t test me because he said I didn’t have the symptoms and more men get it. For the past 5 years I have had to take iron off and on for low iron, low oxygen, larger blood cells. All this time, it was probably sleep apnea. I have since learned that this is not true…men, children, babies, and women get it. It runs in families, and is based on neck and throat structure.