Fundraiser For The Lake Superior Zoo And A Shelter

The health and welfare of our animals is important in this region. Come and support the first ever “I Love Animals.” The first annual event at Duluth Business Univeristy is today (September 3rd), Thursday from 12:00-4:00 p.m.

This is a great event is for families and children. John Stetson will be there with his sled dogs, the Duluth Zoo will be there, Serenity Veterinary Accupuncture, Cathy Kates from B-105, animals big and small, a dog show, a check presentation, and “Dogs Get Breast Cancer Too!” will be there. I raise money for dogs to get fixed before their first heat/Duluth Vet Hospital. Top Dog Boutique will be there, and I am sure I forgot some of the most wonderful happenings.There’s animal massages, and the wonderful Kids ID Program sponsored by Charter Media. With all the media hype about kids disappearing nationwide, I personally think it is worth it. 

Please come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!