Everything That Lives Also Dies

It is kind of sad that everything that lives has to die. I am thinking about an x-who died recently. His foot was partially cut off from gangrene, then it poisoned his whole body; he died within a day. Diabetes has to be monitored and especially your feet. His ashes are scattered on a highway far away that he use to drive on.

Then it was so sad that Officer Carter died, as he did so much for our community. I didn’t know he struggled with a blood disorder. The Junior League of Duluth started and built the First Fitness Program in Duluth. Officer Cartier was a tireless advocate and worked for victims rights in this community. I only know him from church, as he was a member of our church. My husband, a police reservist knows him far better. This is truly a loss in our community.

Then our neighbor died this week of Lu’s disease. He use to have Michael’s Frame Store in Woodland, and he hung the curtains in our living room. He was a kind, nice, and thoughful neighbor, as is his wife.

We surely don’ know when our number will be picked, do we?

My list could go on and on, unfortuantely.

Everything that lives must also die.