Meeting With Our 7 Pharmacy Students Tonight

I always enjoy spending some time with my pharmacy students, as does my husband. I have three cool guys, and he has four students, a mix of gals and guys. We meet with them 4 times a year, they do a project at the end of the year, and a paper for their class. Tonight we will be talking about all my prescription changes with our new school district insurance. It’s the pits with some drugs, as my health is worse with the generics. I am sneezing more with my allergy shots being changed to generic. I have GERD and that medication was changed and there’s burning in the esophagus. I suppose it doesn’t matter if patients get Barrett’s disease.

It’s a learning experience for them, and a learning experience for us.

Did you know that Walgren’s has a health care program with some insurances that you can meet with a pharmachist once a year?  That’s the case with my husband’s insurance.