Cigarette Smoke And The Danger

Just think of what is going into your delicate lungs when you smoke. I am hoping they will raise the price of cigarettes that cause so many deaths and so many diseases in our state. It’s costing Minnesotans way too much money.They say that 29 cigarettes equal 1 chest x-ray. That’s really frightening, isn’t it?  Especially when you think of cumulative radiation, lead, cadmium, radium, arsenic, and polonium going into your body.

What can you do if you smoke and all these dangerous chemicals are going into your lungs and body? STOP and great treatment, if you need it.There is a recipe that I saw one that includes the following to try to build up your lungs from damage, if that is possible.

1 t. Calamus Root

1 qt. apple juice

Boil these two ingredients together for 15 minutes. Strain. Drink 6 ounces of it, three times a day.  I hope it works.