Safe Beauty Products

I was cleaning out my medicine cabinet and came across some shampoo. It said Sulfate Free. Wow, I never knew that shampoo came in sulfate free nor that it had sulfate in it.I  try to drink only wine, when I drink (which is very rarely) that is sulfate free because sulfate causes cancer.

We need to really look at what products are in beauty products. I personally don’t use paraben products because of the toxity. That word paraben is written many ways. A 2004 Journal of Applied Toxicology article found that 18 out of 20 breast tumors had parabens in them. Just go to any drug store or grocery store and the items are still being sold.

Petrolatum is made from petroleum as is mineral oil. Would we put gasoline in our body or on our body?

Coal Tar is a possible cancer risk. It has been linked to cancer in animals. It’s in Tylenol.  It has been linked to 71 hair dye products and the ingredients contain coal tar.