Pawlenty Vetoing Bil

The Duluth News Tribune had an article in the paper today that came from Associated Press that states that our governer vetoed the bill that would have save the expiring health care plan for the poorest citizens in our state. Democrats are going to try to override it next week, as they hold a majority in the House, 87 to 47.  They need at least 3 GOP votes to override it.

Budget is difficult in this state, the cuts need to come somewhere but not on the backs of our poorest citizens. Supposedly, there are 47 Republicans that feel the bill need more work.

General Assistance is for those with incomes of $8,000 or less…They have cancer, chronic health problems, mental illness, chemical addiction. Do we want them hurt even more?

Pawlenty’s plan is to move patients into Minnesota Care. You can look at what it covers on the website [presently.

Our reps feel that this plan will have more barriers to staying enrolled and have less hospital coverage. The version of GAMC would cut the cost of hospitals, clinics, doctors for those most needy patients. It would cut higher income patients, stop those accepting sex offenders, illegal immigrants, and pregant women.  It would force veterans to seek other options.

Democrats state that 85,00 people would be covered versus a monthly enrollment of 39,000. It would cost less than moving patients into Minnesota Care where it would be $30 million dollars higher because it covers twice as many people.

It all sounds very complicated to me.  How can we deny people basic coverage in this state when people are dying? The rich get richer, the poor are dying.