Substainable Farming

Substainable farming is important in our region. The Lake superior Chapter of the Minnesota Sustainable Farming Association has worked to create a substainable local food system in the Lake Superior region, providing support and training to farmer members and education the thousands of consumers they serve.

Check out:

The Annual Harvest Festival and Energy Fair in Duluth

There is the Urban Farm Tour

There’s the Minnesota Graze Fest

Farmers Take the Stove

Farmers Take the Stage events

UMD Farmers Market

Chicken Processing Bus

Farmer to Farmer Mentoring

Workshops, lectures, events for producersa and consumers

Become a member or a doner:

LS-SFA (Substainable Farming Association/Lake Superior Chapter)

310 Carlton Avenue, Box 307

Carlton, MN 55718

Checks to LS-SFA, membersship is $30.00, donations of any amounnt are tax deductible.

Their number is: