Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And Cancer

PTSD is an anxiety disorder a person or child develops after a life threatening or frightening event. It could be related to war, weather or natural disasters, sexual or physical attacks, serious accidents, plane crashes, and even if you or someone you love has cancer. Children who are survivors of childhood cancer can develop it as well.

What can trigger it? hospital stays, cancer reccurrence, painful treaments, painful tests, a diagnosis of advanced cancer, or being diagnosed with cancer.

What are the sumptoms? nightmares, having trouble feeling all phases of your emotions, frightening or unwanted thoughts, alcohol use, drug use, loss of interest in activities, not enjoying relationships with family and friends, feelings of anger, feelings of fear, being irritable, difficult sleeping, not listening or concentrating, feelings of guilt, shame, hopelessness, bringing back bad memoriess where procedures or a diagnosis was done, or flashbacks

Who is more at risk? childhood cancer patients, minority groups, those with high levels of stress, those who can’t cope with stress, those with less formal education, those using drugs or alcohol, those who have had PTSD, and those with mental health conditions.