Vinegar-Cure Or Just Grandma’s Remedy?

There’s a book called Vinegar Anniversary by Emily Thacker that tells the value of vinegar in our diets.

Vinegar, a germ killing acid, has long had healing properties from great grandmother to present times.  I know there are people who drink 1 T. of cider vinegar a day with 1 T. of honey. some add it to other foods like lemon juice, strawberries, garlic. Yuck.  I think cucumbers, onions, and vinegar is great.

It’s suppose to be good for staf and strep infections. It makes me wonder if people who have cellultitis off and on in their lives have high Ph levels. If they were drink some each day, would they have protective properties. 

Vinegar can be used to calm stomaches, ease leg cramps, help sprained muscles, relieve nausea, stop hiccups, cool sunburns, relieve itchy skin, and eleminate bladder infections. I have used it for cooling sunburns, itchy skin and it worked. My husband should try it for his two day hiccups. It is suppose to be good for blood pressure, help with sour throats, help with colds, acid indigestion, reduce infections, improve your memory (that would be great if it could improve the brain cells), sooth sore feet, for use with age spots, corns, calluses. I know it is great to clean the coffee pot out with. I do mix it with water, though.