Duluth’s Unemployed And Homeless

Roger Reinhert states that 3,700 people are unemployed in Duluth. Another business is cutting 100 more jobs in the next four months, out sourcing to out of the country. Hopefully the wind turbines and Goggle comes to Duluth.

I read in the paper today that the Housing Access program has been cut, it’s part of Damino Center. Possibly funding for this was cut somewhere. This was a program that helped those without housing and who had poor credit to get an apartment or house.  We want to end homelessness in Duluth and this has happened. How can homeless end if people can’t get adequate housing? 

Who is going to care for the most needy in this city?  We have those who are full of greed, thinking of themselves, and people are unemployed, filling bankrupcy (78% in this country due to medical bills) and no seems to CARE. We see people with bogus fundraisers that have no meaning.