Animal Shelter Wish List

Help us!

Dogs need: large cates and kennels, soft dog treates, any size Kongs, Kong stuffers, puppy milk replacer, and gentle leaders

Cats and birds need: bird feeds, stands for outside windows, mobile devices for cat condos, canned prescription AD, strained chicken baby food, kitten milk replacer solid bright colored fleece blankets (orange, green or purple)

Volunteers are needed to walk animals, be on committees, communicate to committee members!

A gazebo is needed to be used year round.

Medical supplies needed: 70% Isopropyl alcohol, vet wrap, latex exam gloves, ziplock freezer bags (quart size), tongue depressors, dixie cups (3 oz.), 4x 4 inch gauze squares

Cleaning supplies are needed: dust buster, lint rollers, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, tall kitchen garbage bags, 33 gal contractor garbage bags, disposable latex gloves, yellow dishwashing elbow gloves, flashlights that are rechargeable, refill handsoap

Office supplies are needed: scotch tape  dispenser, scotch tape, masking tape, double sided tape, self-adhesive laminate, sheets, white out roller tape, black sharpie markers, copier paper (white), page protectors, postage stamps, size 10 envelopes, 2 pocket folders, filing tabs, desks, file cabinets, laminator, letter size hanging folders, binder clips (any size)

Misc. items needed:  silverware, sarah wrap, coffee filers (basket type), paper cups, paper plates, AA batteries, 9V batteries, gas cards, Pet-friendly De-icer

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