Racism On FACEBOOK Chat

Interesting ariticle about the DNT view of racism occuring on FACEBOOK between two women, UMD students. Milslagle said “ulgy has to happen before policies are updated or written” was interesting. 

There are been ugly on the campus up there before and nothing happened to a teacher. In public high school you would be dismissed. I was told by some UMD students it is because the person is a business owner and donates money to UMD.

Members of FACEBOOK groups slam bam the President of the United States and nothing happens to anyone because it is called “freedom on speech.” According to Millslage and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Administraion, Vince Magnuson the memo was serious.

I think schools should be moniotoring high school students on FACE book during the day. Students have figured out how to get on. I have some ideas on how this happens.

I thought the cartoon about bad boys, jello shooters and body arts was interesting.

Is racism black and white or are many issues that are black and white (poverty verus affluence)?