Burn Calories Burn/In 30 Minutes

April 21

I read how physical exercise is so important in burning calories.

If you climb a rock wall you burn 286 calories, job, 215 calories, hike 179 calories.Now if you play Scrabble, moving those wood squares you only burn 54 calories in 30 minutes.

I think I willl do the laundry today and go up and down the stairs many times like a crazy person. I know this helps to burn calories.

If you eat 1/4 cup of rice (except Risotto) supposedly it helps you to eat less. Maybe it swells up in you. If you can consume 54 less calories maybe it is good. The problem is putting the food in the mouth in the first place. Use small plates, put your spoon or folk down between bits, drink lots of water and plenty of fiber.


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