Interesting Happenings In The Restaurant Business

McDonalds on London Road will be closing and building a fabuluous new building. It will take 4 months, the employees can work elsewhere or take a 4 month vacation from work. It is suppose to be better than ever! It will be exciting to see what the new golden aches or American Embassy has in store for us.

The seniors sure love their senior coffee there! It’s a morning hang out for the grey hairs.

The Pickwick is having their bathrooms remodeled, and the Wrights who bought it are excited for their new adventure. They are not new to Duluth. They have been advid curlers at the Duluth Curling Club.

There are some exciting things that will be happening with a couple of regional restaurants that we will find out about in May. Until then the lid is sealed.

If you haven’t eaten at Sir Benedicts recently there are a few Italian items added to the menu. There is the traditional sandwiches and appetizers that we still love on the menu!