Know What Is In Your Supplements And The Ingredients

Ever read what is in your pills, supplements, drugs you are ingesting? The shakes you may be drinking? There are ingredients that may not be healthy. Here are some examples:

MSG, monosdium glutamate is considered a neurotoxic agent. I know I get headaches from it if it is in Chinese food.

Talcum powder is thought to be carcinogen, we use it for babies a lot, some adults use it for rashes.

PVP, polyvinylpyrrolidone or Povidone is synthetic and is used in capsules.It is a potential carcinogen, and I noticed it in some pills I once was taking. They took the pills off of the market! This was in a prescription. I wouldn’t of know it but the ingredients were run off for me by a pharmacy student comparing the ingredients prescribed by two different companies.

Methacylic copolymer, an acid, teratogen used in rat cultures.

Silicon dioxide, also in soluble in water, can affect aborption, may deplete the necessary hydrochloric acid in your body.

Pharmaceutical glaze or shellac is used to coat vitamin pills, insoluable

Titanium dioxide is liver toxic, pro-oxidant, used in paint, plastics, paper, inks, cosmetics, also food and drugs

Magnesium sterate is found in some pills and is immune suppressing; it doesn’t mix with water; may effect the good ingredients in the supplement you are taking.

Triethyl citrate is a plasticizer which we shouldn’t eat.

Corn starch, cheap GMO corn can cause some allergic responses to certain individuals.

Did you know accoring to an article by The Sacramento Bee, March 24th, 1991 that 73,000 elderly people die from drug error reactions.This effected 180,000 people costing the state of California more than $500 million dollars.

-Doctors should explain the side effects to seniors and patients. 

-Pharmacies are working hard to explain medications when patients pick them up at the pharmacy.

The reason this is so high in California, for example, is that 70% of what seniors take is over the counter and 30% is from prescription according to this article. 

Pharmacy students in Duluth are making a concerned effort to meet with seniors and other patients, give patient/consumer counseling at Walgrens. Patients can meet with pharmacy staff on a 1 to 1 basis at most Walgrens Pharmacies.