Minnesota Care And Medical Assistance

What qualifies you for these two different programs? According to the State of Minnesota website there are income limits until June 30, 2010.

MA/ Medical Assistance: If there are two people living in a family your income cannot be over $3,340.00. I assume if you have no income up to $3,340.00 you qualify. There is no monthly premium.

Minnesota Care: The income level for a family for two is the same, $3,340.00 max, but you have to pay a monthly premium.

These are two different programs and it is hard to compare apples to oranges.


Minnesota Health Care Programs include: Medical ASsistance (MA), Minnensota Care, General Assistance (GAMC), Minnesota Family Planning and other programs.

We read in the paper recently that SMDC will not cover the GMAC patients.The only insitution granted this priveledge in Duluth by the State of Minnesota. Why? Because they don’t want the financial liablity, as there is not the profit margin.