Keeping Historical Buildings

I personally think it is sad that the old mansion on 1123 E. Superior St. is going to be torn down to make room for Walgren’s.These chain stores are taking over our city even though I fill my prescriptions there. Should we spend more time supporting local businesses or chain stores in our community?

I think the Norshore is beautiful and historical building. I try to get rid of the bad memory of it presently as it makes pictures in my mind. It is in a disgraceful due to its own making. It would make a great playhouse, but it doesn’t sound like they would be using it necessarily for that. Is this for sure what it would be used for as it didn’t sound that way in the paper?

I felt that the city city jail should be made into a B and B. In Oregon old schools have been turned into B and B’s, and we stayed at one. It was fun writing on a blackboard in our room. There were no TV’s. Two restaurants, a gift shop, entertainment, movies all night long. You could lay around in the gym on couches, chairs, and your could eat in the gym! No one could report you to the principal!!