I think most people support buying the NorShore at a reasonable price. If it could be revitalized it would be great for downtown. I think it should go by the tax value on our tax statements as everyone’s property valuations have gone down. It will cost a bundle to fix it up and recreate “a new imagine in our minds.” This is our opportunity to have it done though.

I hope Rod Raymond and Tim Nelson (business owners of Burrito Union, The Fitgers Growlers, Red Star, and now the old Carlson Books) are not getting a kick back from finding the purchaser! The way Ringsred thanked them in the paper made me suspecious, as if Ringsred could not think it up himself being a physican.

I would hate to see Ringsred get so much money that he would start a strip club elsewhere in city.

What’s going to go in the old Carlson Books store? (My kids use to call this the Chester The Malestor Store; I don’t know why. I probably spelled this word wrong, malestor is not a word we typically write.) They sure had a wide variety of books even if the shelves were tipping over.

What’s going to happen to the stripper, Jackson that has a contract and can it be broken?