Educational Reform In Our State But First It Needs To Be In Our City

Are we going to miss a deadline to pass education reform in this state to receive federal educational money? What does this mean in the paper? Is this what we heard about awhile back, teachers being paid for not by seniority but by student achievement?

Doesn’t teacher achievement matter? Hey, wait a minute, then we shouldn’t be giving teachers provisional licences when they haven’t taken the credits and other teachers have all the course work, maybe even a major or master’s degreee. Where’s the fairness in this? Oh, tenure is more important than training, education, majors, master’s degrees. That’s what is happening in Duluth Minnesota. Teacher are teaching without the correct licenses, given variances, bumping highly qualified teachers out with less seniority who have a passion for what they are doing. That’s called educational reform in Duluth, Governor Pawlenty.

We will have to watch this bill…to see if it passes. Will it be union busting for teachers? What’s the purpose if teachers can teach when they don’t the all the course work, the major, the master’s degree, and a more senior teacher just wants to save their job and is given a variance or even if they don’t have the licence, and they are still teaching in Duluth Schools.The most qualified trained, educated person should have the job.

I want to be a superintendent of schools (not). I have one administrative license. Maybe I should get a superintendent’s variance.