School District May Lose State Money

In the paper today was an article that the school district, ISD 709 could lose $600,000,. To replace this money the school district would try to replace the lost money through a property tax levy (Ron Soberg). much would that be? Are we missing some zero’s?

With taxes going up for everything, we need to not tax our citizens to death in this city, state, and at the federal level. Okay, I am talking about the educational health of the school district, and I am talking about the health of the people who exist in this community, this state, this country. It has to be more than survival for the lower and middle class.

As trucks drive by my house, I see dollar signs on them every half hour or less. When will the big, over weight trucks stop? This is a business from out of town. It’s really not nice that the contract went to an out of town company, so our citzens didn’t get the job, who know the city streets and the regulations on it.