Bogus Websites, Bogus BC Funding

There are bogus websites out there:

WellsphereThis is a bogus website created to lieu people in under the medical guise. In fact they even advertize about The National Breast Cancer Relief Fund. If you google both of these websites you will find out they are bogus. Wellsphere is a bogus website. The National Breast Cancer Relief Fund is asking for donations and they are not real nor listed under Charity Navigator. Do not give money to this fund, it is bogus. It should be reported to the FBI>

Compunnel 1-They happened to call me on the phone about a temporaily website we set up before we do a paid one. They had called my house several times, I finally decided to answer. It is strange, because the website they were talking about is not that easy to find….Here is the gist of the conversation. They wanted to re-do this non profit website. It sounded noisy in the background, like a call center. I would never go without someone local, including myself. They wanted t make it a professional non-profit website, and they said they knew how they could get lots of donations for me. I thought it was very fishy. Why were they calling me out of the blue? How did they find this particular website? I asked if they could send me an e-mail about it and the link to some of their examples. He was hesitant about it, repeated my e-mail address, said he would.  I never got the info. I spent some time googling it, yes, it was very bogus. I would like to know who owns this website.