Liquid Medication Recall

I read in today’s paper that there are recalls of unexpired lots of liquid Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec and Benadryl for youngsters, over 43 products. This article was coming from the Chicago Tribune, and it was The U.S. Food and Drug Administration that advised families to stop using these products because there are tiny particles in them.

I remember the last scare we had. We were the ones that went and talked to two Walgren’s stores. They knew nothing about it. I get the U.S. Food and Drug e-mails, but I believe it wasn’t even spelled out on there until after the fact.

Never give your child aspirin because of the potential of dying from Reye’s Syndrome.

I have found tiny particles, maybe bone in my cat’s Purina cat food. It wasn’t just one can, it was in several and in different boxes over the past six months. Some cats could choke on this. I heard my cat coughing one day.