Bogus Health Fund And Websites

There is a bogus business trying to say they are a non-profit trying to get breast cancer money. It is called The National Breast Cancer Relief Fund, and it be affilated with , as it is mentioned on there. They are not listed as a non-profit on non-profit websites. Be wary, do not give!

There is another company calling and asking to do websites to raise money for you for breast cancer. It is called Compunnel. If they call you by phone, won’t can’t send you an e-mail and then when you google them you find bogus information, you know they are not for real.

Wellsphere is related to other health websites that are bogus as well. They are trying to get your information, personal identification, money,and your passwords. Do not sign up.

They are sending out bogus articles that don’t make sense if you know your medical information. They are adding information from The US Dept. of Health, FDA on them, copying their information. They look similiar to other websites that they have. They want you to advertize with them to get your credit card information.

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