Internet Crime/Optimist Speaker

Sargent Nick Alexander from the Superior Police Dept. (someone Jess knows well) spoke on Internet Crime against children. He was so interesting and so informative. He answered my many other questions on the side as well. Great speaker; I’m so glad I went to listened to this presentation.

One thing I did learn is that there are sexual predators all over Wisconsin and every level of sex offender has to register there. All levels don’t have to register, so we don’t know who the perverts are in Minnesota, only the really serious ones. What can be a simple sex crime can lead to a serious one as time goes on. Re-offenders repeat themselves. I think someone should re-write that law in Minnesota so we know what’s up as they do in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin map was covered with red dots. Scary or what?

Did you know that 22,000 people downloaded child porn in Wisconsin according to the map? Perverts are targeting our children. The scary part is that 60% is from family, friends, and neighbors who will groom your child for an attack. Strangers are a small number and 14% are online. One in three children see unwanted exposure on the Internet to sexually explicit pictures.

FACEbook only has 4 people monitoring these problems. This site as other social networking sites are full of sexual predators. The Internet he said is the biggest playground (70%.)

Kids have terminology just like text messaging. POS means parents over the shoulder, WTGP means want to go private. Always have the computer in an open area, never in a kids room. Be a friend on your child or teens chat room.

We in the United States use the Internet 17% of the time, unlike other countries.