You Are Being Profiled On The Internet

Never give out the year of your birth, your personal information such as hometown and school, phone number, address on a social net working site. Predators and perverts can trace you down and find out what you like and don’t like. Your friends know you already.

Be careful to not tell that you will be gone; your house could be robbed.

Your pictures can be cut and pasted and be used in a way that you never thought possible. Make sure your girls and boys don’t take pictures they will regret later in life, when applying for a scholarship, applying for an important job or that they could be black mailed with later in life.

Remember you are who your friends are as well on FACE Book, My Space, etc.

Your computer profiles you, webites profile you as to how long you were on them, how many clicks, if you downloaded something, if you bought something. Sites track you. They take your personal information and try to make money off of it. How? By getting people to pay for the information if they want to locate you anonymously.

Websites add attachments onto your clicks. Scan your computer a lot. Security is very important.

Survivors of domestic abuse especially need to be careful. Many people can be found know days by e-mail addresses, reverse e-mail, telephone numbers, addresses, IP addresses, tracking where the blog was written from, etc