Pauline Kukull, St. Mary’s Hospital Superior Auxiliary

If you know Pauline you will know that she is a hard worker and puts in an extensive amount of time volunteering. She was nominated by the St. Mary’s Hospital Superior Auxiliary. Some of Pauline’s current activities for that organization include Public Policy Education chair, Lobby Shop Manager, buying trips, Style Show Luncheon, Tree of Lights, Book, bake and popcorn sale, and Holiday Happenings. She has volunteered over 14,000 hours there over the years. She has served as president for eight years. As part of being president she was part of the foundation, attended all the foundation and district meetings as well as the state conventions.

Some of her other volunteer experiences include Grandma’s Marathon for seven years, Campfire Girls assistant leader, Cub Scout leader, Supuerior Women’s Hockey Association, Onaway Club and the PTA.

Pauline is a dedicated and passionate volunteer at St. Mary’s Hospital Superior Auxiliary.