Port Cities Reception Last Night

The health and pulse of our communities is determined by it’s volunteers. Listening last night to the sponsoring nominee organizations and who they nominated was amazing.We have women who have given their time and dedication to help non-profits in our community. It is a very difficult time when selecting the best candidate because they are all wonderful volunteers.

There was one women who held many, many chair positions, another who has started many projects and has been so active in the western portion of town, another in Superior who has put in more than 14,000 hours of volunteer time. There are others who have done wonderful projects in our community because of their green thumb, their dedication.Yet another was very active in Junior League being chair of many, many committees.The list goes on. The  Chair of Port Cities (Kay Gower) is a Junior League member.Two nominees were in Junior League at one time, and one nominee is in Junior League presently. I am a past Chair to Port City and am a Junior League member. We train our volunteers to care and have passion for organizations.

I wish they all could be Port City Women of The Year. They are all queens or princesses to many of us.