Improve Your Brain

It’s important to exercise your brain. How?

If you think positive you will be encouraged to challenge yourself to try new activities.

It’s important to reduce stress whether it be by walking, a soothing bath, medication, or even yoga. One vitamin that is really imporatant for your brain is Vitamin B. I had a relative who always made sure she had enough viatamin B in her diet. The B vitamin is important for coordination, to prevent memory loss, and so that you don’t get confused. That sure can happen as we get older. Vitamin B foods include fish, nuts, raisins, and broccoli.

Chlorine is imporant to improving your memory, expecially as we get older. Brain food is fish, liver, and eggs.

Exercise and  you will feel stimulated. Oxygen is important for your body and your memory. Some folks feel you should eat plenty of spinach as it is iron packed and is important for our red blood cells. Iron deficiency can be when you have a short attention span, are tired and fatigued. I sure have had that in my life in recent years. Eat iron rich foods such as whole grain breads, fruits and vegetables, especially the leafy ones.

Sit up straight, pay attention, and make sure you get enough blood to the brain. My daughter has one of those tip over machines. I think it helps the blood supply to her brain.