MACV, Serving Veterans Throughout Minnesota

The speaker today at Kiwanis was speaking on behalf of MACV. This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Minnesota Veterans by providing many unique programs that serve veterans and their families throughout the state. Their mission is to provide assistance througout Minnesota to positively motivate veterans and their families who are homeless or experiencing other life crises.

Durbin M. Kenney is the regional director of MACV in Duluth located at 101 W. 2nd Street, Duluth, 55802. The MACV provides housing to homeless veterans in a safe, drug free, supportive environment. It partners with other community organizations to coordinate and provide services. Even the Drug Courts are involved. There are nine transitional homes in the Twin cities Metro and Saint Cloud areas to provide medical care, chemical dependency treatment, and job skills training.

Remember veterans come back into society, they come back with emotional baggage. There are as many as 4,300 veterans who are homeless in Minnesota or at risk of becoming homeless during the year-16% of all homeless adults.

These men and women have served our nation.They suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, what they did to serve our country, and they need our help as a community, as a society.