Cyberbulling, Cyber Hate Crimes, Cyber Stalking


Cyberbulling is a problem in this country. Over a million students and adults are bullied everyday online in the United States. They use to say that every 7 minutes a child is bullied in the United States and the parents did little about it. Why? Because they know less about the computer than their students.

Cyber hate crimes are a problem. We see this against the governement, even the president on FACEbook. It is of great concern to many Democratics, and it should be to Republicans as well.

In France, Germany, Sweden and Canada they have national laws criminalizing hate messages. In our country it has to be  a clear damage (Leets, 2001).

School districts need to find a way to block unsafe Internet access in the schools. Students have found ways to break the system. We have seen them on FACEbook during the day.

Cyberstalking is a big problem. Social networking sites ae looking for your most personal details, name, address, phone number, e-mail address, when you are home, your birthdate. A lot of thinks can be reversed online. Reverse address, reverse IP, reverse e-mail, etc.

There are things you can do if you are a victim of cyberbulling, cyberhate or cyberstalking.You should talk to your local police department. You can report it to the Internet Crime Center, National White Collar Crime Center, FBI. But since there are bogus websites you need to know which is the correct one.

President Bush signed into law in 2005 an act called Violence Against Women and the Deparment of Justice Reauthorization Act. In essence, it is that if anyone annoys, abuses you, threatens and harasses you, they can be fined or improisoned for not more than two years.

The website,

has a helpful website about traditional bullying, how to contact hosts, Internet providers, using tools such as “tracert” or “nslookup”, IP address or MAC addresses.

Don’t forget students and adults are cell phone bullied as well. Talk to your provider.