Drinking And Driving

Drinking and Driving is a problem!

1 in 50 people are arrested for driving after drinking. There are three times more alcohol related crashes at night than during the day. Actually, it can be rather scary out driving late at night.

There are 2.5 million parents that drive under the influence of alcohol a year. One half of children who are killed from alcohol are in the car of an impaired driver, ususally their mother or father. Scary!

Every 45 minutes somone dies from alcohol behind the wheel according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Mothers Against Drunken Driving helped to lower the alcohol content limit and it reduced alcohol related crashes by 7%.

Think before you drink and drive. I know I had an uncle who was drunk some 40 years ago hit some one, kill the person, and he couldn’t live with it. What would it be life to cause the death of an innocent person? It would be hard to live with.