Glow In The Dark Kids

Maybe we should have glow in the dark kids when they go out at night. If someone grabs them them, the glow in the bright green should turn to orange for drive by folks to see.

Check out crimes in your neighbhood:

I did find a site with those sex offenders on it. (Can’t find it a the moment.) All you had to do is put in your zip code, lock your house with dead bolt locks, get an alarm system, order your food in for delivery. It’s getting bad out there.

Sex offenders are getting away with bulleying women (often women), stalking them, and sexually assaulting them. Bulleying women with sexual comments can be online and in person. Is anything being done about it on the net? At colleges? In our city? Women should value. Age, gender, disability, medical issues should not be a factor. Evil will destroy us.