Chum Is Needing Your Help

May 19

Chum is needing your help. Many folks have lost their jobs, housing and hope. A recent Wilder Foundation report announced a sharp increase in homeless families. These families average 2.5 children each, which has lead to a huge jump in the number of children without shelter. The average age of these children is 6 1/2 years. Chum in Duluth has seen a 125% increase in homeless families.


Churches United in Ministry

102 West 2nd St.

Duluth, MN 55802

Chum in Duluth Minnesota During 2009:

-60% of the homeless adults served at Chum had a serious mental illness

-836 adults and children found emergency shelter at CHUM

-36 individuals were housed in Chum’s Supported Housing

-The number of homless who were employed 1/2 time or more has decreased by 40%.

Homeless Survery for Minnesota/Oct. 2009 Wilder Foundation:

-700 homeless adults have served in the armed services

-46% of the homeless adults had chronic health conditions during the preceding year

-62% represented people of color and the homeless adult population, but make up 13% of the adult population

-44% were homless adults on a waiting list for public housing.

-40% of the homeless adults reported a jobloss or reduction in hours at work

-39% left their housing due to eviction, forclosure or failure to have their lease renewed


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