Can Cancer Be Preventable?

The first scientist to discover the answer to preventing cancer will be extremley wealthy. He or she will not know what to do with his or her money. The race is on as always. The pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow, but no one has found the complex answer to, “Can cancer really be preventable and how?” This complicated answer is very mysterious because there are some answers that have been found and many links yet to be found. There are many kinds of cancer. Listening to researcher I think we are coming close to finding some good pieces to this puzzle.

Cancer accounts for 1 in 8 deaths in the United States. If we combine TB, Aids, and Malaria, it is still greater.

Worldwide ACS and The International Union Against Cancer as well as other non-government unions feel like life style changes need to be made.

World wide pap tests are given to reduce cervical cancer. It has reduced it by 74%.

HPV vaccines are given and have helped 80% of the world cases.

If tobacco is reduced we can see a difference in cancer rates in this country according to ACS.