Causes And Effects Of Cancer

According to epidemilogists and other researchers there are several reasons why cancer is occuring.

Our population is getting older and we know that as we age we do get cancer. How many older people are in this country? We know that our young people are being killed in wars, and it is so sad.

People are getting infections from not being treated. For example, hepatitis B, HPV, etc are causing infections. Viruses and infections can cause cancer. It’s important to improve you immune system, detoxify, and do what you can to prevent infections. In some cases this may mean vaccinations.

-Bad health habits are something this country continues to do; it’s an old habit. Obesity is taking over this country, as excessive weight is the number one problem among children and is effecting the adult population signifigantly.

Smoking and drining has effected our immune sytems, breathing, and oxygen levels.