Over Diagnosis Can Cause Harm

Over Diagnosis Can Cause Harm

It can cause harm in prostate cancer and breast cancer. There are many tumors and lesions that don’t turn into cancer folks. These are being treated as they are the plaque or a house on fire. They are not all life threatening.

I know I talked to someone today, and he said his doc doesn’t believe in the prostate test.

The USPST F, 2010 screening guidelines is against breast self -exams. Why? Because over diagnosis can and does cause harm in this country.

If breast cancer rates are going up in this country it is because they are treating localized tumors and lesions such as in situ and ductual that will never turn into cancer. You may have your breasts slashed, burned and exterminated for no reason. The patient is left the victim in the war with post traumatic stress syndome. They feel in a total disray knowing their body has failed them.

We as a society have looked at all cancers. We think every ulcer and lesion is cancerous. It is not. There is a large resouce of various types of tumors. We just need to have those that are aggressive; identify them; slash, burned and exterminate them.  How often have we gotten a lump elsewhere on our body visable to our eye, and it goes away?