To Cure Or Not To Cure

We know that radiation is cumulative. We sit day after day in front of the computer screen adding radiation to our chest wall as we do using our microwaves, but to a lesser extent.

Many of us have had too many chest x-rays as a child, our feet x-rayed for Buster Brown shoes, and way too many mammograms for our own benefit.

I remember how SMDC gives you mammograms after breast cancer, several times during the course of the first year. More radiation is better?

We know that radiation can cause inflammation, and it is cumulative. Giving mammograms so often after women have breast cancer may seem like a check up, but unless it is an extremely aggressive cancer, what is the point?

Dr. Polyak from Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston has been doing some interesting work. For example, why do we treat everyone the same? Shouldn’t there be more personalized medicine than the cookie cutter/ginger bread approach?

They know that radiation can cause inflammation in the body and breast cancer can spread. How do they know who will have metastic breast cancer and who will have localized?

I would tend to believe those folks who tend to have inflammatory problems. I thought this in 2004, and know I know it is true. Can stress cause inflammation? We know an imbalanced high ph diet can.

Women who are given the drug tamoxifen and anti-depressants can get metastic breast ancer. They have and many of these women have died. Do we harm women or not harm women?

Carolina Hinestrosa (NBCC) died from her breast cancer treatments. She was given excessive radiation and later developed sarcoma and died from it.

I know Life Extension has tests that can measure your inflammatory levels.