Facebook And Other Social Networks

There are 117 million folks on facebook, 42 million on My Space, 20 million on Twitter and 14 million on Linkedin.

Time and US magazine had articles about Facebook in their May issues. They talked about how it is redefining privacy for 500 million users.

Mark Zucerburger, co-founder and CEO founded it in his Harvard dorm room. The DNA of this social network site is changing relationships amongst people. People are sharing everything.

Facebook has had to add increased privacy due to a complaint or complaints filed with the FTC.

What’s Open Graph?  It’s polling what you like and don’t like. You just don’t know where these polls will end up or when you have clicked like where it will end up. We all know that there is people paying for information, marketing information, searching for you and your detailed life.

No one really likes the world to have a front row seat in their business, let alone the government. Don’t put on anything that could be used elsewhere within 10 years.

If you are 13 years of age or older you can be on Facebook and the users that are increasing are ages 34 and older.

Facebook’s headquarters is in Palo Alto, California in a rather plain bldg.

Have you wondered how they make money? Selling ads and personal information, I believe.

There are 1400 Facebook employees from around the world. Facebook makes this business a social science. There are some “aha moments” too.

Facebook Beacon has 3rd party users such as E-bay and Fandango. There are also news feeds. If you don’t want someone to subscribe to your news feed, you’d better block it.

Many folks like Facebook better than My Space, Tiwtter, Linkedin, and Friendster.

Just over 25 billion pieces of information are added each month. Who owns it? Maybe this will be a court case like Myraid Lab some day. Who owns your DNA sample? 

There are over 48 million images on FACEbook. These could make some mighty interesting  photography books.

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