Science = Science, Health Is A Direct Result

Science =Science and it is always changing. Researchers work with science and move it forward. We know this from our science classes taken in college.

If a group of patients doesn’t like a story, they wan to ban it. Burn the bus, run over the messanger or scientist with the train.

The story that hit the news about changing the requirements on mammograms as an optional procedure made prime time news night after night. It was like a run away train on nightly news. Forty year olds were not happy that they wouldn’t be given year mammograms. This was a complete paradigm in thinking, a change. No one was saying if you don’t have a family history you can’t have a mammogram or if you have symptoms.

The news stated that women were confused, perplexted, they wanted to burn the bearer of the news, drive over the messanger with the runaway train.

Scientists have found that women are slow to want to know the facts, the research. Some choose to be illiterate on the topic. They don’t want to see the science or scientific changes. Instead they should be asking, what’s the research? What’s the science? Does it make sense? Is there toxicity involved? What are the benefits and the risks?

No one was taking away their risk to have a mammogram. It was a recommendation based on toxins, careful thoughtfulness, as we can see everything is being treated in the United States these days. What did they do years ago without knee and shoulder surgeries?

Everything we learn is important. Some folks want to use scare tactics to make their point, which is not palliatable to the mouth. Early may be better if it really cancer, if it is really aggressive cancer, if it won’t go away on its own.

There sure is a lot of money out there fighting in the ring, lots of politics, lots of groups who want to make money off of breast cancer.