The Fill Of Health Care Reform

Everyone needs a structure to opeate. More women need to be assured that they will receive quality and affordable health care with greater access. Women have been at a disadvantage in this country.

More for others does not mean better health care in this country. There are harms; more harms than one realizes.

Don’t be a health care guinea pig and try every procedure offered to you. Look at natural products and solutions, if you can.

In 2014 there will be no discrimination of health care in this country or at least we hope so. There will be Republicans and others trying to change health care in the next four years. They have made it ugly on Capitol Hill. They will push the envelope until they make changes.

We hope that there will be a Patient Centered Underwriting of Outcomes in our state. We hope that medical facilities, doctors, and pharmicists will be paid for what works. Hopefully we can evaluate medical facilities and even doctors by way of Patient Surveys, Consumer Care Reports. Should they evaluate themselves and their department without the input of the community? We are tip toeing into an area that will affect our society. “Do no harm, help others should be their motto.”

There will be community health care centers that hopefully will be run independently. This will be a new paradigam. I think this will be good for our community. Go to the community health care center for regular medical needs.

What about Quality Care Sanctions? This should be an interesting Hot Topic!

Those folks with cancer and pre-existing conditions will not fall into the doughnut hole. I know some that can’t afford to pay for their prescriptions during the doughnut hole period.

There are those folks who have life time caps on their coverage, they use it all up, and it must come out of pocket. When you are Cancer Poor, you loose your house, and everything.

Our insurance needs to clearly define what is essential benefits for all patients.

This insurance issue, health care issue has a long way to go. It will be a long bumpy road. The parade of stupid is far from over. Some things will be great, others need to be tweeked.

The war may be over, but not at Capitol hill, but the Battle of The Buldge is still at work. We as the stakeholders are waiting for things to get better. Health Care for All that is affordable and reachable is slow at coming our way. More and more folks file bankrupcy in this country. We have huge debits and deficits in this country. Our dollar needs to be reinvested, but how? Do you invest in stock, gold, copper, coal credits? We need to contain cost over time; but at the same time we need safety and quality health care.

The Mr. Roger’s Neighborhoods are closing down. People are still without jobs and still struggling to get ends to meet. Prices are going up and up.

I listen to the radio and the Y Chromosome Guys speaking, always negative about the government. It is really sickening.

When will everyone get their happy bump up? We are all trying to play our cards right. Some of us aren’t doing well.