The Truth About Cancers In This Country

Prostate Cancer-If not detected it often will not develop into prostate cancer. Hum? Let’s spend a little more on Viagra and the ads on TV. The Brits don’t treat prostate cancer. Lets leave men with stress incontience in this country and unable to do it. If you have history of prostate cancer or are African American, you may want to try every test for a piece of mind. There is a hypothesis about the PSA test. The PSA test is causing over diagnosis of men; there is potential for harm.

Breast Cancer-There is a 10-40% overdiagnosis of breast cancer in this country.

Melanoma-Can be prevented with education?

Kidney Cancer-We have seen a rise; I know four people with kidney cancer.

Breast Cancer-Distance cancers went up, but then leveled off in beast cancer. Is it digital mammogramphy, hormone replacement therapy removed from their drug lists?

HRP-White women have less of  mortality rate over black women on this forefront.

Clinical Trails-These trials take years to occur and years before we can actually use them. In the clinical trials with breast cancer; they need more minority patients; especially African American women.

Be Ware of Genetic Testing That is Mass Marketing-There are genetic testing sites on the world wide web, and they are just genetic counseling.

Screening-Does it save your life or pick up slow moving cancer or cancers that will never develop into anything?

Ionizing Radiation-It is a carcinogen. Do we know the threshold for toxcitity? Should we limit radiation in our lives?

CT Scans-CT scans have 300x more radiation than other some other procedures. A friend told me she had 20 of them in her life. Scary, yes. If you knew her diagnosis you wouldn’t ever do it again, unless it was life or death. Don’t be the guinea pig. Japanese women and Hiroshima, read what has happened to them. We helped that happen, didn’t we?

Gene PatentingMyraid Labs-Do they own your genes from BRCA 1 and 2 testing? Should they own their procedure in a patent court as well as your DNA?

Good Cancer In Our Body-We have cancer in our body. Some may turn into agressive cancer and some will not.