Toxic Towns By Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Tonight Dr. Gupta talked about toxic towns where chemical  plants and industries are located. I just love his shows. He’s a doctor.

We have heard of Agent Orange in Vietnam and how many of our soliders were exposed to these chemicals. It has been frustrating for these soldiers, their families, and decendants. Many have died. I think it’s a cover up because there is some information out there, but by far not enough. Especially when it comes to decendants.  

Dioxin exposure has an effect on the body. You can get diseases such as diabetes, cancer, Parkinson, etc. Dixon is stored in the bodies fat and liver. You can get liver cancer from stored dioxin. People who are exposed to dioxins have the chemicals in their body’s blood finger prints so to speak.

Unfortunately, the government should have dioxin level requirements that businesses can’t surpass. In our own city dioxins are being burned. It goes up in the environment and back down. The plastic in hospital tubing is just one example. Dixon, polyvinyl, benzene, and the list goes on are in our communties across the nation. Are they discarding safely these products according to standards or are there poorly defined standards? 

Who should control these big plants? It such a political football. Locally you can’t do a lot, just get the proof and report it to the federal governement. It seems like local and state governements don’t do much in regard to these concerns and complaints. Whether local or state governement have the tools and toolbox to record and measure these big businesses and their burning and destroying of toxins who pay locally pays big taxes is of question.

Do you live near a chemical plant, an industry plant, or an oil plant? Do you live where their use to be a toxic site, chemicals poured onto the site as they had no place to put them?

 We have heard a lot of dogma about chemicals and its health impact. Are we not knowledgeable or  envirnonmental savy enough to do something about it? Demand toxin levels, monitoring of vinyl chloride levels, and demand that chemicals in soil, water, and maybe air should be tested?

Disposing of  computers and printers properly that are full of chemicals is also important.Where are they dumped in our communities or hauled to? Is your community effected by it?

Names flipped through this show as the people in this town wanting to be relocated and get life time health coverage. They included: The Georgia Gulf Plant, Moseville (the town), Allen Blakey, Mosevelle Health Center, Richard Lipsey, Dr. Peter Orris from The Unviersity of Chicago, Willa Subra and Dr. Howard Frumkin. This is give or take a few spelling errors.

Look up the ATSD Registry. What is all this about?

Watch CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta tommorrow night on children and childhood chemical exposures.