A Terrible Time In History

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I was on a website today looking for something and came across a book that is out there on The Holocaust Chronicle. Oh my gosh, my eyes were filled with burning information.

You could find out the total deaths from the Nazi genocidal polices; the death camps in Poland (where, number of Jewish deaths, and commandant).

There was also a list of all the internment and transit camps in Western Europe Under Nazi Occupation; all the Major Concentration and Labor Camps (camp, location, Jewish deaths); Major Jewish Ghettos; Jewes Killed During the Holocaust by Country; Jewish Resistance; Jewish Immigration to Palestine between different periods.

-This is from the Holocaust Chronicle, published in 2002 Publications of International, Ltd.

Let’s not sit back and do little about this when it happens.We should of acted immediately. This occured over so many, many, many years. It was so a sad part of our history in this world.

When I see Jewish shows on TV and helping Jewish people in other parts of the world, I feel for these people. I mean I really feel for them.

The deaths from Nazi genocidal polices included Polish Catholics, Servians, European Jews, Soviet prisoners of war, Handicapped Germans, Homosexuals, Jehovah Witnesses, Roma, Sintia and Lalleri people, Germans who were political, religious and were resistant.

For those of us who think we were German, we may have been born in Poland. (Like me.) I know my Germany relatives were listed as Polish on the map back then. Most immigated before this happened. Then when you go to the Holacaust Musuem in Washington DC and you find relatives with your same names, it is really scary. Are you Polish, German, or maybe even Jewish too?

I know my aunt always gave money for Jewish research, I thought it had some signifigance. It was like mental telepathy. She always felt their work was really important. 

As I look at the places in Poland where the death camps were I wonder. As I look at the Polish concentration camps that are just listed for Poland and then those for Germany, I wonder. I look at the number of Jews killed in Poland and Germany and I wonder.

I wonder why my grandfather borrowed money to a Jewish family in Duluth to start a business years ago. He worked for Marshall Wells. This family grew to be a wealthy family in Duluth. Did he understand something or know something about the Jewish people? Did he have a connection or a feel?

My husband thought he was Norwegian, but then found out the great, great grandmother he had was German. Two marriages, two wives, one dying, one moving to the United States, and 19 children between two wives. It’s funny how relatives don’t know who there relatives are until you dig into genealogy.