My Husband Is Related To Important People

My husband is related to Ole Bull. We saw his statue in I think it was St. Paul. He is related to a famous musican too.

He’s related to all The Heibergs (Heiberg Musuem). 

He’s related to Princess Diana and Prince Charles and their children through King Bruce and other people. His cousins are more related.

He is related to the Bird Woman who is in the encyclopedia. That’s why I call him the Bird Boy once in awhile. (Especially when I am mad at him.) Remember the Black Plaque and people died all over Europe. The bird girl lived with the birds and was found. That was his great….great…..great……great….great…..(tired of typing it…)..but know what I mean…grandmother during the Black Plaque. They found her, she married and he is the Bird Boy. I write to a relative on FACE book who is a relative…and wrote something about it. I have several articles about it and lots of genealogy on his side of the family. This relative of his and I  spent the night writing back and forth on the computer when we first met. We are more distantly related.

My husband has relatives in Sweden, Johnsons that are doctors.

My father in law was a dentist in the Medical Arts Bldg. years ago before he died.

Another of my husbands relatives got his Phd at I believe 20 years of age; he invented something really important, related to blood processing.

That’s the end of the bird boy story.