Thinking About People From My Past

I was thinking about people from my past today. Governor Wendell Anderson, having a drink with him, telling him that we could maybe be related. Thinking of his wife, ex, who at one time gave me baby clothes and coached me in the value of breast feeding a baby. Thinking of his mother in law that I worked for, how she would have me write poems and quotes, copy things. It got me to think and value beautiful writing. She was after all a librarian in St. Paul. She would have me sort her clothes into all the black shirts together, all the white blouses together. It taught me to be organized and to think about the purpose and reason behind organizing. Thinking of John, her husband, who owned a funeral home. He didn’t know that my friend and I would try out the caskets at night when he was gone. We were silly young adults. I was thinking about the water color I painted of their motel on the lake. Youth can be so creative, and I was really creative back then. It seems as we get older we get more set, more rigid.

We are the products of our experiences, lives, writings,  readings, and the people who chose to influence and make a difference in our life. We are also a product of those who refuse to like us and love us.

I think I am blessed, I have known and learned much from many people. God has been good to me and blessed me with gifts to share and help others.