Guns And Gun Control

Gun deaths are preventable. I say that for the fact that long ago I had a student who shot his brother accidentally. I have also had several students (less than a hand and half full) who have killed themselves later in their education career (not when I had them), which may or may not be been preventable. I thought maybe the drinking water water in this part of town had something to do with it. (Not) Depression is a difficult problem among boys.

Guns need to be locked up so young children can not play with them or use them. We as parents need to be concerned about gun control. The homicide rate in the United Staes is higher than any other industrialized country. Most are committed by way of firearms as we are hunters in this country.

Guns are the leading cause of sucide for teens. Most committ the act in their own homes. Every day, three children or takes take their lives in the United States.

Every day in the United Staes one person will accidentally shot themselves. More than half of these are children or teens. This is really sad when if guns were stored properly most of this could be prevented.

With teens it’s a more difficult problem. They learn to hunt, they may or maynot have their own gun. They may have access to a gun.

If a teen is sucidal or depressed guns should be removed from the home. I think we all have known adults who have tried to kill themselves with guns.

What can you do as a parent? Share with your children or teens how much you love them, value them. Listen to them and their concerns. Monitor their exposures to violence. Don’t leave them with guns if they are young or a depressed teen (or adult). Buy a gun case if you are hunter, lock the gun case. Help pass loophole laws so teens can’t guns on themselves or even others.