Why Do People Care So Much About Sexual Gender And Desire?

Personally I feel it is everyone’s own business if they want to be a transexual, hetesexual, homosexual, gay, lesbian, a Mrs. Doubt Fire. Let them throw out the bra, panties, and pull up their big boy pants. There are comedians, singers, actors who are bi, homo, lesbian and they are great people. Whatever the word is people will do what is right for them. I know many people who are mixed on these issues.There are many people that we as adults know and love. It should not based on some sterotyped gender.

I have read the same Bible and don’t see were they should be banned from the church. 

If they are sexually abusing young children, that is a different story. But then again there are straight people who do! 

I think all people matters, all people should be able to go to church and be blessed. Who are we to throw the first rock?

If they chose to do something sexually/criminally wrong, that is a different story.