Oh, My Gosh

I can’t believe what I read in Soul and Science Newsletter for employees/June 7th. You pick them up in the Miller Dwan Restaurant. There is this article about two new initiatives for patient care that have taken place as on June 7th. One is Informed Consent and the other is Non-surgical Timeout.

Informed Consent is when you consent to a procedure or treatment, usually surgical. They want patients to know the risk that are involved. Here’s what’s so bothersome: “Only 30 40 40 percent of patients read and understand information contained in these forms. That’s why SMDC has just introduced a simplified informed consent form, written at a fourth grade reading level.” This is the direct quote from it.

This means tha tthey think 60-70% are illiterate and can’t read at a fourth grade reading level. That is unbelievable that they would put that in their newsletter. What are the implications of this? What does this say? I wonder what the school system would say?