Relax, Relax, And Tell The Dog Some Dog Tales

Dogs and pets in general can be so relaxing. I know my pets bring me great joy and relaxation. They are there for you when you need them, love you unconditionally, and provide a source of quietness.

That is unless you have hyper dogs. My neighbor has one hyper dog that is a young pup. His other dog has Lupus and Kidney Cancer. He has a blood profile that is all over the place. I just hate it when pets are going to die. His other dog, the young pup, jumps the fence even with extra fencing on it. I think it is because he is a Lab-Great Dane mix. He should be in competition. Anyhow, I confide in my fideos and they don’t even talk back to me.

Prayer helps people to relax. It’s a source of divine relief. You can thank your supreme being for all the gratide you have received in this life, the blessings that have been bestowed on you and your family, and the wonderful friends who care for you during thick and thin.

Hold hands with your husband. Joke with him. Don’t be in a stressful, cortisol filled relationship with you hubby. Each day should be filled with humor, joy, and of course laughter.

Yoga is good because you can relax, reduce your anxiety, practice your breathing skills, center on what is really important.

Rose oil is suppose to help calm people. Rub it on each other’s back or on their hands. It is suppose to lower the breathing rate, calm the mind, and lower the blood pressure.